ABCK-AmCham Kuwait Elects the new Board of Directors’ Officers for 2021

ABCK-AmCham Kuwait Elects the new Board of Directors’ Officers for 2021


June 7, 2021: ABCK-AmCham Kuwait held its first Board Meeting post-elections for 2021. The meeting called for the Board of Directors’ members to elect the new Officers of the Board.



The ABCK-AmCham Kuwait has announced that results for the Officers Elections as follows: Frank Belonus was elected as the Chairman of the Board, Pete Swift was elected as the Vice-Chairman of the Board, Amit Arora was elected as the Treasurer of the Board, and Omar Dirani was elected as the Secretary of the Board. The Officers of the Board are elected on a yearly basis, and Board of Director positions have a tenure of 3 years.


The following Board Members were elected by the Chairman of the Board to Chair AmCham Kuwait’s Committees, as per the by-laws: Membership – Akram Kamal, Programs & Events- Rachad Abdallah, Policy & Strategic – Rashed Almanee, Nominating & Elections – Pete Swift.


The following AmCham Kuwait Members were elected to Chair AmCham Kuwait’s Focus Groups:


Banking & Finance (BF) : Chair- Amit Arora (EY), Defense, Safety & Security ( DSS) : Chair- Bob Bailey (Boeing), Education : Chair- Sam Jauhari (GFT), Energy: Chair- Fred Shuaibi (Honorary Member), Food & Beverage (FB): Chair- Akram Kamal (Del Monte), Healthcare: Chair- Tamer El Sallab (Viatris), Hospitality, Travel & Tourism (HTT): Chair- Mohamed Najia (Individual Member), Human Resources (HR): Chair- Angela Carrigan (Honeywell), IT/Cyber-Security (ITC): Chair- Alaeddine Karim (Microsoft), Knowledge Economy (KE): Co-Chairs Dr. Arezou Harraf (Learn & Evolve), Dana Winner (Individual Member), Legal: Chair- Philip Kotsis (Al Tamimi & Company), Logistics : Chair- Pete Swift (Individual Member) and Women in Business ( WIB): Chair- Dr. Arezou Harraf ( Learn & Evolve).


Current Board Members of AmCham Kuwait: Frank Belonus -Chairman of the Board (Individual Member), Pete Swift-Vice-Chairman of the Board (Individual Member), Amit Arora- Treasurer of the Board (EY), Omar Dirani- Secretary of the Board (Fluor), Akram Kamal  (Del Monte), Alaeddine Karim (Microsoft), Dr. Arezou Harraf ( Learn & Evolve), Fatah Adour ( Citi Bank), Khadija Ouabala (The Sultan Center), Rachad Abdallah ( Honeywell), Robert Bailey (Boeing), Sam Jauhari ( GFT), Tamer El Sallab ( Viatris), Dr. Arezou Harraf ( Learn & Evolve), Omar Ben Naji ( Everyware Pro), Rashed Almanee (Individual Member).


Ex-Officio Board Members: Shari Stout (U.S. Embassy of Kuwait), Paola de la Roche (ABCK-AmCham Kuwait)


The ABCK-AmCham Kuwait looks forward to another successful year with its Board of Directors, as they bring forward their expertise and insights to the Chamber. The Board of Directors ensures that a broad range of industries and expertise is strongly represented through AmCham Kuwait’s activities and initiatives.


ABCK-AmCham Kuwait: Is a non-profit organization operating since 1985 and is composed of more than 600 members from corporations, small and medium sized companies, prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs that are both American and Kuwaiti. ABCK-AmCham Kuwait acts as an advocate for American business interest in the state of Kuwait. For More Information, please visit our website at or follow us on social media channels at @abck1985