Committees & Focus Groups

The committees are listed below along with its Chair:


Membership Committee  – Chair:  Akram E. Kamal

Programs and Events Committee – Chair: Rachad Abdallah

Policy & Strategic Planning Committee – Chair: Rashed Al Manaee 

Nominating and Elections Committee – Chair: Pete Swift


Focus Groups

Feel free to contact members of the Board of Directors if you would like to join one or more of the below Focus Groups.


Banking & Finance (BF) – Chair:  Amit Arora

Defense, Safety & Security (DSS) – Chair: Bob Bailey

Education – Chair: Sam Jauhari

Energy – Chair: Fred Shuaibi

Food & Beverage (FB) – Chair: Akram E. Kamal

Healthcare – Chair: Tamer El-Sallab

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism (HTT) – Chair: Mohamed Najia

Human Resources (HR) – Chair: Angela Carrigan

IT/Cyber-Security – Chair: Omar Dirani

Knowledge Economy – Co-Chairs: Dr. Arezou Harraf, Dana Winner

Legal – Chair: Philip Kotsis

Logistics – Chair: Pete Swift

Women in Business (WIB) – Chair: Dr. Arezou Harraf