Crisis Management for Leaders, Organizations and Individuals

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Sunday, May 10, Kuwait



Crisis Management for Leaders, Organizations and Individuals


The American Business Council-AmCham Kuwait (ABCK) hosted a webinar titled: Crisis Management for Leaders, Organizations, and Individuals, on Sunday, May 10. Over 70 people from Kuwait and the U.S. tuned into the virtual session which focused on the process of managing disruptive and unexpected events and the best practices to adapt to such events.

The webinar was presented by Mr. Frank Belonus, President and CEO of Falcon Desert International (FDI), and Chairman of ABCK.


Belonus began the webinar by greeting all attendees and stating the goals of this webinar. He then gave an overview of the concept of crisis management, explaining its definition, and expanding on its various components such as Change Management. “Crisis management is the process by which an organization deals with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm the organization or its stakeholders. It goes beyond and organization, can be applied individually as well” explained Belonus.


Belonus then proceeded to highlight the importance of having an open mindset and perspective to change to be successful in managing crisis. “We always have been going through change. My experience in the military as a young leader, one of the very first thing I learned is that change is constant and its always going to happen. We would plan for a week to do some kind of operation and in five minutes after it started they would intentionally change everything because they wanted agile and adaptive leaders that can make decisions on their feet. So, embrace the culture of change and the fact it will always happen.” said Belonus.


Following that, Belonus discussed in-depth the steps that organizations and individuals can take to best prepare for and respond to a crisis and compared the approach between the two. He then drew on the importance of open communication during a crisis, explaining how it is necessary to be transparent, be empathetic and address employee’s fears and concerns, and distill confidence and hope. He also highlighted how social media can be a vital tool during a crisis as it serves as an efficient way to provide information and resources and maintain a positive relationship with customers and suppliers.


He then offered insight on how businesses can assess and optimize their operations in times of crisis, explaining in depth various aspects of a business plan that can be analyzed such as marketing and sales plan, pricing, exit strategy. He also examined some tools such as SWOT analysis which can be used by organizations to identify their key strengths and strategic positioning.


Belonus then summarized the key takeaways for both organizations and individuals to adapt in times of crisis and concluded by highlighting the importance of leveraging assets in corporate social responsibility when possible during a crisis.


To conclude, Belonus opened the session to Q&A in which he engaged the attendees in an insightful discussion and offered further clarification regarding concepts discussed throughout the webinar.


ABCK is a non-profit organization comprised of American corporations, small and medium sized companies, and prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs, both American and Kuwaiti. Since 1985, the American Business Council of Kuwait Ltd. (ABCK) has acted as an advocate for American companies in the State of Kuwait. For more information about ABCK, please visit our website or social media channels @abck1985