Small Enterprise




Small Enterprise Membership:


The National Fund Law defines small enterprises as companies with start-up capital of less than 25,000 KD and 1 to 4 Kuwaiti national employees


Enterprises must be associated with American business or products in one of the following manners:

        • As the exclusive representative of one or more American products
        • As the sole registered agent for an American individual or company providing products or services into Kuwait
        • Are directly involved in the sale of American products and/or services within Kuwait, and such sales represent a portion of the business done by such an entity.
        • As a service provider, either as a Prime Contractor or Subcontractor at any tier, of any kind, to the US Government in Kuwait or the GCC Region.
        • Are registered as a legal entity within the United States of America, its territories, or protectorates
        • Are an entity whose parent company is registered as a legal entity within the United States of America, its territories or protectorates, and such parent company owns fifty-one percent (51%) or more of such entity.
        • One of the Managing partners is a United States Citizen.
        • Are doing business with U.S. Companies


Each Small Enterprise Member may designate up to two (2) individuals who shall be registered with ABCK as company members.

Small Enterprise Membership Benefits:


  • Showcasing your company in front of fortune 500 companies and major Kuwaiti and U.S . Business
  • Exclusive access at Member price to Member-only ABCK events, workshops, speaker series and resources.
  • Company logo on website and company announcements 2 times a year.
  • Opportunity to introduce yourself and present your company to our members during one of our General Meetings.
  • Participate in ABCK’s focus group and industry specific round-table.
  • Eligibility to vote in the Board of Directors elections.
  • On-line membership directory access and ability to email other members directly via the members only contact portal website.
  • Receive announcements and information related to GCC business issues and various local social events.
  • Opportunity to advertise product/service discounts to members on the ABCK website.
  • Opportunity to receive discounts offered by ABCK Corporate members.
  • Benefits from being part of MECACC, Middle East Council of American Chambers of Commerce, to attend regional conferences.

Small Enterprise Membership Annual Due: 350 KD