Chairman’s message


Dear ABCK-AmCham Kuwait Members and Friends,  

It is an honor to continue serving as the Chairman of the American Business Council- Kuwait (ABCK)-AmCham Kuwait. During the past 2 years, we have been able to increase the number of initiatives and collaborations with our members and other organizations. We appreciate our members and the community who came together during very trying times to support our business community, as we work together towards a common goal: to continue supporting the bilateral trade and relations between the US and Kuwait.

AmCham Kuwait has been promoting and expanding American commercial interests in Kuwait since 1985. This core purpose remains the bedrock of everything we do. We continue to provide value to our members through information exchange, networking, advocacy, economic and market intelligence, participation in summits and conferences, access to key leaders and decision-makers, and much more. This has never been more important than today helping businesses survive and overcome the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and other global events that have led to uncertainty and volatility for most.

We are proud of our partnership with the US Embassy in Kuwait, we work with the Embassy’s team to encourage trade and investment, as well as empower and support Kuwait’s business community.

We commit to continue working together to support the business community and to be your business advocate. AmCham Kuwait continues to maintain good ties with a variety of government as well as private agencies and organizations for the betterment of the business environment, and the increase of American brands in the Kuwait market and vice-versa.

ABCK- AmCham Kuwait is dedicated to the success of our business community. We have changed to become not just your go-to source for information, but we have also refocused our efforts to meet the current difficulties affecting our business community. Knowledge sharing, subject matter experts, how-to webinars, roundtables, speed networking, and online speaker series are now part of our day-to-day as we continue to improve and add value for our members through our initiatives.

The value ABCK-AmCham Kuwait provides its members is more vital than ever. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge our Board of Directors’ incredible devotion, our Executive Director, and her fantastic team’s arduous efforts daily.

ABCK – AmCham Kuwait is committed to its members’ success, promoting trade and investment between the United States and Kuwait, assisting you in difficult times, and assisting in the creation of a better business climate for all. We have a great year planned for all, and I am honored to continue to serve as your Chairman!



Pete Swift