Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Signature Events: 

Iftar Dinner:

Our Annual Iftar Dinner is an event that is meant to bring our community together to celebrate tradition and honor entities that make a positive impact in the community. As many of you know, we often choose a non-profit entity in Kuwait to honor and highlight their achievements, and with this, we also invite different Ambassadors and VIPs who are crucial to the business community (government entities). 

This event will be held in accordance with the Ramadhan schedule. 

Sponsorship slots available: 1 Platinum Sponsor (1500 KD), 2 Gold Sponsors (1000 KD), 3 Silver Sponsors (500 KD)


Election Night:

The Annual Election Night will be held at the U.S. Embassy in the second week of June (tentatively June 8). Historically, we've always held this event at the U.S. Embassy as it is one of the most important events for our Chamber of Commerce as it represents a change of leadership, which comes with new strategies, new frameworks, different focus points, and many other factors that allow us to operate as a non-profit Chamber of Commerce. Candidates are given the podium so that they can campaign for themselves through a short speech, and showcase themselves so that the Membership can get to know who they are, and what each of them has to offer. 

As a member-only event, we will host 80-100 people (maximum) at the venue. Members will attend and will be able to bring 1 nonmember guest (depending on space availability as members are prioritized).

Sponsorship slots available: 1 Platinum Sponsor (1500 KD), 2 Gold Sponsors (1000 KD), 3 Silver Sponsors (500 KD)


4th of July Event:

Date: June 23rd

The goal of this event is to honor the US Service troops in the country by providing them with a day to remember.  There will be several activities, as well as delicious food and live music. 

 You can see below some of the highlights from our past event which was a huge success. We will be inviting around 200 Military service Members to attend the 4th of July celebration, along with the Base Commanders and the U.S Embassy's Defense Attache. 

Sponsorship slots available: 2 Platinum Sponsors (1500 KD), 3 Gold Sponsors (1000 KD), 4 Silver Sponsors (500 KD)


Annual Gala and Excellence Awards

Date: October 19

The AGEA represents the foundation of our entity and celebrates its humble beginnings as a volunteer association that now has become a crucial partner to many entities including the US Embassy in advocacy, education, and promotion of US interest in the country. This gala marks the 38th anniversary of AmCham Kuwait since its foundation in 1985. This gala is a celebration of our Chamber, our Members, and our friends. During the Gala, we will also recognize certain entities based on different criteria. As this is our most prestigious event, we will be inviting different government authorities, VVIPs, and others. 

-Seating: Please note that diamond and platinum sponsors (1 representative per sponsor) will be given priority to be seated at the VVIP table 

Sponsorship slots available:  1 Diamond Sponsor (4000 KD), 2 Platinum Sponsors (2500 KD), 3 Gold Sponsors (1500 KD)4 Silver Sponsors (1000 KD)  


Annual Golf Tournament 

Date: November 3

The tournament is a great opportunity for companies to bring their teams to compete against other players and win rewards. This is an all-day which starts in the early morning and until the afternoon. 

The tournament will consist of 100 players, and others will be invited for the lunch/awards ceremony. 

Sponsorship slots available:  1 Diamond Sponsor (7000 KD), 2 Platinum Sponsors (3000 KD) , 3 Gold Sponsors (2000 KD) 4 Silver Sponsors (1000 KD)    


Thanksgiving Dinner

Date: November 21

The event aims to celebrate Thanksgiving with our Members, and the US military, as this is our way to provide them with we invite military service men and women, our members, and others to join us in this event, including the US Embassy, the Canadian Embassy & the British Embassy

Sponsorship slots available: 1 gold (1000 KD), 3 silver (500 KD)


Christmas Dinner 

Date: December 13

As the final event of the year, we will be inviting U.S. Military service members, alongside AmCham members, their friends, & families. This includes children of all ages, as we will also be hosting child-based activities. 

As our final event, we want to make it a memorable occasion by not only having a live band but also making it a long-standing memory for the children's hospice by providing toys & stationery with the help of your patronage. Sponsorship for this event will not only go towards covering the venue but also enable us to buy & deliver toys to the Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital (KACCH) and Bayt Abdullah Children's Hospice (BACCH). 

From a PR perspective and what you can expect to receive from AmCham- you would be highlighted as a sponsor (Platinum, Gold, or Silver) and receive recognition alongside pre and post-event PR. We will also be publishing two press releases - one for the event itself with an emphasis on our sponsors as a focal point, and one to convey the sponsor's positive impact and support on the children's hospice. 

Sponsorship slots available: 2 Platinum Sponsors (1500 KD), 3 Gold Sponsors (1000 KD), 4 Silver Sponsors (500 KD)

For partnership and collaboration for other events, please don't hesitate to reach out, we often partner with our member companies and support them by inviting people, promoting the event, handling registration, and managing the logistics of the event (or however involved the entity would like for us to be). 

For interested sponsors - please email us at [email protected]