Committees & Focus Groups

The committees are listed below along with its Chair:

Membership Committee – Chair: Rt. Brig. Gen. Musaed Al Hawli, Vice Chair: Alaeddine Karim

Programs and Events Committee – Chair: Chester Bryniarski, Vice Chair: Omar Amireh

Policy & Strategic Planning Committee – Chair: Dr. Arezou Harraf, Vice Chair: Amit Arora

Nominating and Elections Committee – Chair: Rashed Al Munae 


Focus Groups (Note that non-Board Member Focus Group Chairs do not officially represent AmCham Kuwait) 

Feel free to contact members of the Board of Directors or AmCham staff members if you would like to join one or more of the below Focus Groups.

1. Banking & Finance (BF) – Chair:  Ammar Boumijdad

2. Defense, Safety & Security (DSS) – Chair: Tom Deren

3. Disabilities - Chair: Omar Ben Naji

4. Education – Chair: Sam Jauhari

5. Energy – Chair: Fred Shuaibi

6. Food & Beverage / Fast Moving Consumer Goods (F&B/FMCG) – Chair: Talal Al Wazzan 

7. Healthcare – Chair: Tamer El-Sallab

8. Hospitality, Travel & Tourism (HTT) – Chair: Mohamed Najia

9. Human Resources (HR) – Chair: Mohammad Abu Al-Rob

10. IT/Cyber-Security – Chair: Alaeddine Karim

11. Knowledge Economy – Co-Chairs: Omar Ben Naji, Dana Winner

12. Legal – Chair: Omar Handoush

13. Logistics – Chair: Pete Swift

14. Women in Business (WIB) – Chair: Dr. Arezou Harraf

Bio- Women in Business 2022