The 3rd Diversity & Inclusion Diwaniya on Laws & Company Policies

The Diwaniya served as a platform for thought-provoking discussions and insightful conversations aimed at fostering an understanding of the current challenges faced by women in the workforce, particularly in terms of retention, promotion, and capacity building. Key speakers shared their expertise, highlighting both the positive and negative effects of existing laws and company policies on women's career progression.


"AmCham Kuwait is dedicated to empowering women professionals and creating an inclusive business environment that harnesses their talents and potential," said Dr. Harraf, Vice-Chair of AmCham Kuwait. "Through our Diwaniyah series, we aim to encourage open dialogues, share best practices, and inspire organizations to go above and beyond in supporting and fostering women in the workplace."


The event featured prominent speakers from various industries, including legal experts, HR professionals, and successful women leaders, who provided valuable insights and practical advice on how to adapt company policies and practices to promote gender equality, enhance workplace diversity, and create a culture of support and inclusivity. Some of the suggestions included: Implementing and executing gender-sensitive policies; in order to retain women in the workforce, companies must address policies that may hinder the needs of women in the workplace.

Some of these include parental leave for both parents and supportive childcare solutions such as having a day-care and childcare room, along with flexible work hours, and career development policies, such as having a certain number of hours of training provided by the company to each employee.


The success of the third Diwaniyah on Laws & Company Policies highlights AmCham Kuwait's commitment to driving positive change and empowering women in the workforce. By facilitating meaningful conversations and sharing best practices, AmCham Kuwait continues to promote gender equality and inclusivity within the business community.


AmCham Kuwait encourages entities to revisit their company policies in order to make them more inclusive. Inclusion and retaining women in the workforce yield significant returns for companies. Some potential benefits include Increased employee productivity, innovation, engagement, reduced turnover, as well as better decision-making.



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