AmCham Kuwait Hosts Inaugural 2024 Women in Business Diwaniya to Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Dr. Arezou, Vice Chair of AmCham Kuwait, expressed her gratitude to the attendees for their collaborative efforts in establishing the DEI Matrix, a framework aimed at fostering sustainable inclusive practices. During the event, Dr. Arezou outlined this year's agenda, which focuses on capacity-building with measurable outcomes, and scalable actions to ensure success for women in business. Founding members of KWEEP (Kuwait Women’s Economic Empowerment Platform) were in attendance and expressed their advocacy and endorsement for the Sustainable Inclusivity Matrix.

Event Highlights and Key Discussions

The Diwaniya emphasized the importance of capacity-building through initiatives like mentorship, workshops, and further studies. AmCham Kuwait aims to leverage its networks to support these efforts. Dr. Arezou encouraged attendees to share their insights on what has worked in terms of capacity-building and what can create a lasting impact.

KWEEP and Its Role in Promoting Inclusion 

The event also featured discussions about KWEEP, established as an innovative and pioneering initiative. The Platform aims to support the growth and advancement of women in the workplace by promoting the adoption of real and sustainable policies focused on various aspects of women’s empowerment in the private sector. With a particular emphasis on recruitment, retention, and leadership in Kuwait’s private sector. Founded by eight companies and aims to have Kuwait's top 50 companies as signatories, KWEEP facilitates networking and creating a positive impact in the business community. Salma Hajaj, Head of HR at Gulf Bank, highlighted KWEEP's commitment to mentoring and empowering younger generations.

Exploring Themes and Challenges 

The Diwaniya also explored the need to establish clear themes for future events and the importance of tailoring engagement with various stakeholders. Attendees shared their perspectives as women in leadership, highlighting how the perception of Women Business groups in Kuwait differs from those in other countries. Dr. Arezou expressed that AmCham Kuwait's WIB mandate is non-political and advocacy-oriented, focusing on capacity-building and community impact.

Next Steps and Future Plans 

Dr. Arezou announced that the Diwaniya series would be held quarterly, with measurable outputs to track progress. The next event will focus on different themes and seek feedback from experts and attendees. The goal is to develop a reference point for companies and organizations looking to implement effective DEI practices. These will be  taken and shared from the successes of member organizations.

The event concluded with a call to action for attendees to continue contributing their expertise and insights to shape the future of women in business in Kuwait. AmCham Kuwait is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and creating opportunities for women at all levels of their careers.

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