AmCham Kuwait Successfully Organizes First Disabilities Focus Group Meeting at Crown Plaza Hotel

The meeting commenced with an overview of AmCham Kuwait and the challenges faced by private sector entities in employing and training individuals with disabilities. Participants engaged in a comprehensive discussion, identifying key needs, gaps, and opportunities within the work environment.


Key points raised during the meeting included:


Establishment of Focus Group: Pete Swift Chairman of the Board ABCK-AmCham Kuwait, provided insights into the establishment of the focus group, emphasizing the aim to understand and address challenges, opportunities, and solutions surrounding PWD employment.

Partnerships and Initiatives: Hanaa Al Baghdady community resources manager at Kuwait Society for the Handicapped highlighted ongoing partnerships with companies such as IKEA and KFH, focusing on training and employment opportunities for PWD.

Challenges and Solutions: Attendees discussed various challenges faced by both employers and people with disabilities, including a lack of understanding in the work environment and legislative obstacles.

Education and Training: Participants emphasized the importance of education and training for PWD, calling for a comprehensive approach to address long-term needs.

Technological Solutions: Naeem Mirza Vice President | Generative AI, Cloud Modernizations and Robotics at Ai Doctrine highlighted the role of technology and AI in enabling education and training for people with disabilities, proposing collaboration opportunities with AmCham Kuwait.


The meeting concluded with a call to action for the private sector to prioritize accessibility, training, and development initiatives for employees with disabilities. Attendees underscored the importance of societal trust and awareness in fostering inclusive environments for PWD.

Moving forward, AmCham Kuwait reaffirms its commitment to driving meaningful change and facilitating partnerships to support the integration and empowerment of people with disabilities in Kuwait's workforce.


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