Beach Clean-up


Against the backdrop of the stunning Kuwait Free-trade Zone, AmCham Kuwait brought together a group of individuals who joined forces to collect plastics and waste, contributing to the ongoing efforts to maintain a cleaner and healthier shoreline. The event served as a to enhance AmCham Kuwait's dedication to corporate social responsibility and its proactive approach to fostering a sustainable future for the community.


The participants, armed with gloves, bags, and a shared sense of responsibility, diligently combed through the beach area, collecting and properly disposing of plastic waste and other debris. This hands-on approach not only contributed to immediate environmental improvement but also raised awareness about the importance of responsible waste management.


AmCham Kuwait acknowledges the crucial role of businesses in addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices. By organizing events like the beach clean-up, AmCham Kuwait aims to inspire its members to integrate eco-friendly initiatives into their corporate strategies, fostering a culture of environmental consciousness.


In the spirit of collaboration, AmCham Kuwait looks forward to partnering with other organizations, and stakeholders to amplify the impact of such initiatives and work towards a cleaner, greener Kuwait.


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