1st Annual Conference on: Artificial Intelligence in Education


Themed around the revolutionary potential of AI in reshaping educational paradigms, the conference brought together a diverse array of speakers and participants. From cutting-edge teaching methodologies to personalized learning experiences, attendees engaged in thought-provoking discussions on the myriad ways AI is revolutionizing the education landscape.


Keynote speakers at the conference included:


Dr. Arezou Harraf, the Founder of Learn and Evolve, Associate Professor of Management Sciences - Head of the School of Business Studies- at Box Hill College Kuwait, Vice Chair of AmCham Kuwait

Capt. Monther Al Kandari, Instructor-Training Authority Member (Higher Institute of Telecommunication and Navigation)

Dr. Mirna Safi, Doctor of Business Administration (Australian University)

Dr. Sayed Saatchi, CP instructor & coordinator (Algonquin College)

Ms. Jamila Al Otaibi, Chairwoman, Kuwait Youth Assembly Platform- Founder & CEO (Invictus Co. Kuwait)

Ms. Rawan Al Otair, Co-Founder / CEO (Digital Transformation Qibla)

Dr. Manal Al Kindary, Specialized in the field of transparency and anti-corruption

Ms. Fatima Tfaili, Senior Lecturer (Box Hill College)

Dr. Ebrahim Al Enezi, Associate Professor (College of Basic Education)


Each speaker offered unique insights and perspectives on the integration of AI in education, highlighting practical ideas, emerging trends, and ethical considerations. Participants had the opportunity to explore innovative strategies for leveraging AI to enhance educational outcomes and promote inclusivity in learning environments.


The event catalyzed meaningful discourse and knowledge exchange, driving forward the collective pursuit of educational excellence and innovation.


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